Seller Bay Gift Cards

Seller Bay Gift Cards lets you do more:

– Set user amounts – allow customers to specify the amount. You can set a minimum and maximum amount.

– Delivery schedule – Customers can specify when to deliver a gift card. Great for birthdays, anniversaries and more!

– Specify the default amount – select the amount that will be pre-selected when buying a gift card.

– The Customer Balance Page is a shortcode that allows customers to check their gift card balance.

– Ignore coupons – if you wish, you can ignore the discount on the coupon for the gift card. The coupon still applies to other items in the basket!

– Expiration date – automatically sets expiration date depending on the date of purchase.


– Purchase gift cards by hand – specify the number and number of cards to create multiple cards in one step.

– Seller Bay Gift Cards are compatible with most products – including new products, pre-orders Seller Bay Gift Cards.

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