You may be able to check the shop’s attitude regarding cancellations via their Policies page (which can be found in the “Shop Info” box on the left column of the shop page). You can request a cancellation through a link in the order info if less than two days have passed since the order and the order has not shipped. Otherwise, you will have to contact the seller directly. Keep in mind that sellers are not required to honor cancellation requests.

If you haven’t already, be sure to contact your seller directly to ask about your refund.

For questions about your order, you should ask the seller directly. This applies to:Orders placed on Seller-Bay.com
Order placed on seller personal websites that are powered by SellerBay and use SellerBay Checkout.Contact your seller.The best way to do this is through our onsite messaging system, Conversations.To send a conversation to a seller:

Click Contact The Shop to the right of the page.

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