Rare protein variant ‘could hold key to transforming breast cancer treatment’

Experts say targeting RAC1B may ‘dramatically boost’ treatment effectiveness.

Plant-eating dinosaurs had varied eating styles, skull analysis suggests

Scientists say this difference in feeding mechanisms ‘set them up to dominate life on land for millions of years to come’.

Secret to perfectly skimming stones uncovered by scientists

Until now, flat and round pebbles have been widely held as the best suited for stone ‘skipping’

Surgical ‘smart’ knife detects womb cancer ‘in seconds’

‘Results are highly encouraging and suggest that the iKnife could be used in the clinic to provide a point of care diagnosis’

Virtual reality games may help in early detection of autism, ADHD symptoms, research says

VR can also be developed to assess language problems, brain trauma, memory loss, scientists say

First meteor shower of 2023 to light up the night sky

Quadrantids are blue meteors with fine trains that appear to come from the constellation Bootes, near the Big Dipper.

Secret to how prehistoric humans survived winter uncovered

Use of bear skin was likely ‘key adaptation’ of early humans to the climate in the north

Dogs’ tails not crucial for their agile movements, study finds

‘Another explanation could be the use in pest control with tails acting to ward off flies or other animals’

Scientists discover first known organism thriving exclusively on diet of viruses

Previous studies provide scarce evidence of other organisms eating viruses, researchers say

Species of clam thought to exist only as a fossil found alive

The findings were described as “pretty remarkable”.

Antarctic penguins recognise themselves in mirror, hinting they belong to small list of self-aware animals

Capacity to have a ‘self-concept’ of themselves as ‘individuals’ may be an important step in penguins’ evolution, study says