Denmark: Statue of Little Mermaid vandalized again

Denmark: Statue of Little Mermaid vandalized againThe famed statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist draws, has been vandalized, with the colors of the Russian flag painted on the rock on which she sits, a newspaper reported Thursday.

The oft-attacked 1.65-meter (5.4-foot) -high bronze sits at the entrance of the Copenhagen harbor.

It was not known when the vandalism took place. The rock was painted in stripes white, blue and red. No one has taken responsibility for the act.

The statue was created in tribute to the Danish storyteller Andersen. It has long been a popular target for vandals, who have previously blown the mermaid off her perch, beheaded her and painted her.

The bronze is based on a mythical sea king’s mermaid daughter who, according to the Hans Christian Andersen tale, falls in love with a prince and longs to become human.

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